Advice for people in their early 20s

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Great advice from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits for young people who are lost and worried about their future. He talks about getting good at something, connecting with interesting people, and other tips for how to start building your life and your future.

Get Good at Something

You don’t have a job, no fixed things to do, things are wide open … and that’s scary, but also an advantage. Your schedule is open, and you have immense possibilities.

The way to take advantage of that is to find something to get good at, and then get good at it. As good as you can.

Connect With Interesting People

Find people online doing interesting things, meet up with them in real life. Find people who are passionate, who are building things, who are pushing themselves, who dream big, who are mindful and joyful and healthy and friendly and shy and gregarious and adventurous and curious.

Befriend them. Be there for them. Be helpful. Make them laugh. These are your people.