Top productivity gurus online

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The Top 11 Productivity Gurus Online

This list includes people like Tim Ferriss, who wrote The Four-Hour Work Week, and David Allen, who wrote Getting Things Done. If you are as interested in productivity as me, you will really enjoy this. The graphic lists some great people who are writing about productivity today, and includes some of the best productivity blogs online today. The pictures of the people in the graphic are great too. And it shows their blog and twitter name, so you can see where to go to read their articles and follow them.

In our quest for perfecting our productivity software, we’ve been observing many visionary entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders who are wielding strong influence on today’s business landscape.

But when it comes to revolutionizing the productivity landscape, these are some of the people who we found were the most influential.

The infographic is geared more towards who is big online today, not the top gurus of all time. For instance, Stephen Covey isn’t on the list. And the list is calculated by using their influence and following on different social media like Twitter, Facebook, and their blog RSS feed using websites like Klout, PeerIndex, and Twitalyzer. Pretty neat idea, and each person is given an overall score. What a great overview of some of the best productivity blogs and people who are working today to improve people’s lives and personal productivity.

The Productivity Gurus

The Productivity Gurus – Infographic (Time Doctor)