BitTorrent Sync mobile app gets ability to create, edit, and share files

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Previously you could only view files on your mobile devices with BitTorrent Sync Mobile. The update is available for Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone. Give it a try or update if you use it.

If you use Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, you might consider looking into BitTorrent Sync. It’s free and your files are actually stored on your computer instead of the cloud. And you aren’t limited by a storage limit like 5 GB, so it’s great for pictures, music, and videos.

Today, we are rolling out a new version of the Sync app. It takes the app from file access and viewing, to one that also enables productivity. Users will now be able to create various types of files to save directly into a Sync folder to share, as well as make edits directly to files and synchronize the changes to others.

For something like a spreadsheet, you can click it and open it in Sheets. It will allow you to review the file and make any edits. Once the edits are saved, the file is updated and it will sync with anyone that is connected to the shared folder (note that this is dependent on the app that is being used to make the edits, subject to certain auto-save settings)