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The surprising science of happiness TED talk


The surprising science of happiness TED talk

Watch  this great TED talk to understand what will really make you happy. Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling Upon Happiness, says basically that we aren’t that great at predicting what will make us happy or unhappy. And he backs it up with different research that has been done to prove this.

I watched this talk a number of years ago. And I still remember what it was about. That’s how much of an affect it had on me. It wasn’t the first time that I had heard about focusing on your attitude and thoughts to be happier. But it was the explanation of how our mind isn’t able to predict our future happiness very well that really struck me. And the examples he used to show how we don’t really predict very well how happy we will be as a result of different things happening.

Because we overestimate how much positive and negative changes will affect our happiness, he thinks that we should focus more on changing our thoughts. He calls it synthetic happiness, which probably isn’t the best word for it. But nonetheless this was such an amazing TED talk that I think anyone would benefit from watching it. (Continued…)

How to be happy according to scientific research


How to Be Happy According to Scientific Research

Over the years, I’ve come across a number of different studies and research on what really makes people happy. Things like we overestimate how happy or unhappy we will be as a result of good and bad things happening in our lives. Or that having a certain amount of money to live comfortably will make your happier, but getting richer beyond that likely won’t make you any happier.

But whenever I read something that is backed by research, I have found that I am more likely to remember it or believe it’s true. So I thought this article was great, because it includes an excellent summary from many of the best studies on happiness. The single paragraph quoted below basically gives you the key to happiness based on what we currently know. It lists the factors that research indicates likely do and don’t affect your happiness. You might want to read that paragraph over and over again, and think about how you might change your life if you want to be happier. (Continued…)

Some practical thoughts on suicide


Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

Writing about something personal like this takes a lot of courage. And having the courage to be honest and open can often help other people dealing with similar issues.

Tim has clearly written this article not just to tell his story, but to be a place for people dealing with depression, anxiety, or any other problems in life. In the article, he talks very candidly about problems he has faced in his own life, and offers advice for people in tough situations. I think Tim’s courage in writing this post will help many people. (Continued…)

Doctors to see: Appointments to make for your health


Doctors To See: 10 Appointments To Make For Your Health

Here’s a great quick overview of some of the doctors everyone should try to see. If you are anything like most people, you probably only go to the doctor when you really need to. But of course, it’s better to be proactive about your health and stop any problems before they happen.

The article is very concise and helpful, because it lists the different types of doctors, along with who should go, when and how often they should go, and if they need a referral. This article happens to be written specifically for Canadians, which I am, but it should still be very helpful for anyone to think about which doctors they should see. Have a quick look over the article and see if there is a doctor or two that you should consider making an appointment with. (Continued…)

We used to sleep twice each night


We Used to Sleep Twice Each Night

If you wake up in the middle of the night for an hour or two, don’t assume it’s a bad thing. According to some research that this article points out, humans may have naturally had two separate sleeps historically. Apparently, since the light bulb was introduced we have stayed up later during the night and possibly changed our natural sleep pattern of waking up for an hour or two, between a first and second sleep. (Continued…)

This is Healthbook, Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking


Healthbook Apple Health Fitness App

This article from 9 to 5 Mac discusses in detail some of the new features that could be in the new Healthbook app. And it also has some good screenshots of the app. It could possibly be released alongside the next iPhone.

Apple is said to currently be testing the Healthbook software with iOS 8, the next version of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system. However, it is possible that the application’s launch could be pushed back to a future operating system version or cancelled entirely. If the application is tied to an Apple-built device, the debut would likely be connected to that hardware and may not be introduced alongside other iOS 8 functionality during Apple’s mid-2014 Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

With hundreds of millions of existing iPhones and many more to be sold, Apple has the unique opportunity to recreate the health and fitness tracking market by pre-installing Healthbook in a future software update. After revamping the music, smartphone, and computing worlds with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Apple’s next big insight could be software for improving people’s lives. Just like tablets, pocket computers, and digital music players are now part of the mainstream, Healthbook may just be able to transform healthcare and fitness management for the betterment of society.

Kids smile 400 times a day: What about adults?


Kids Smile 400 Times a Day: What about Adults?

According to this article and a few pieces of research that it points to, we should smile more. Kids smile about 400 times a day. Adults smile on average only 20 times a day. This is a great straight to the point article about something we often forget to do. And anyone who smiles often is not only naturally happier, but also much healthier. (Continued…)

What happens to our brains when we exercise and how it makes us happier


What Happens to Our Brains When We Exercise and How It Makes Us Happier

We all know we should exercise. But I found this particular article very interesting, since it talks about a link between physical exercise and mental positivity. According to the research noted in the article, your brain function is dramatically better on any day in which you exercise. You are also much more likely to be happy on a day that you do even a small amount of exercise. As noted in the article, the positive effects last for the current day that you exercised. (Continued…)