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2 Kinds of People tumblr blog (Pictures)


2 Kinds of People tumblr blog (Pictures)

I came across this great picture blog which uses two graphics to show the differences between people. Here are a few of my favorite ones. I’m filing this under life science for the Life Thinkist blog. So whatever you do, don’t laugh at any of these. This is serious stuff. Remember, you’re studying life and figuring out how to improve your life. Not just looking at funny pictures on the internet. (Continued…)

Shuffle My Life Android app released



I found out about this app on Reddit. It has gotten pretty popular already, which means a lot of people like it. It basically suggests random things for you to do, and uses a point rewards system to motivate you to do more of the tasks. (Continued…)

Advice for people in their early 20s



Great advice from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits for young people who are lost and worried about their future. He talks about getting good at something, connecting with interesting people, and other tips for how to start building your life and your future. (Continued…)

Setting goals: Tim Ferriss and Leo Babauta debate whether or not you should set goals


Setting Goals: Tim Ferriss and Leo Babauta Debate Whether or Not You Should Set Goals

This casual talk between Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week is excellent. Both of these guys have reached some major goals in life, and they have worked to share with everyone how they reached those goals. They have written so much about things like setting goals, creating habits, productivity, and learning new things. So they know how to set goals and achieve them.

But as Leo has continued to write and grow, I found he started to write more about not setting goals. Part of that involved creating habits. But part of it is just about enjoying what you are doing instead of focusing on some future goal all the time. In this video he talks a bit about that. And they both discuss the positive and negative aspects of setting goals to improve your life. Enjoy it. I sure did. (Continued…)

Bruce Lee’s top fundamentals for getting your life in shape


Bruce Lee’s Top 7 Fundamentals for Getting Your Life in Shape

The Positivity Blog uses some of Bruce Lee’s best quotes in this article to explain how you can get your actual life into shape, not just your workout or your body. I’m sure everyone knows but Bruce Lee wasn’t just a martial artist or actor. I’m not saying I know a whole lot about him, but I did read The Tao of Jeet Kune Do when I was younger. I remember many of these quotes and philosophies from the book when I read this great article. One of my favorites, which was one of the 7 points in this article, was this great quote on simplifying.

What does thinkist mean?


What Does Thinkist Mean?

Thinkist is a made up word that the founder of Life Thinkist came up with. The term thinkist was coined to describe a person with a certain set of philosophies about life. In my mind, someone who is a thinkist is a person that is interested in improving their life, getting things done, setting goals, and learning to be happier. Without hearing the definition before, you might know if you are a thinkist or not, or maybe if you are starting to become one. Basically you are a thinker. And you use your thoughts to help you achieve what you want in your life. (Continued…)

Top regrets of the dying


Regrets of the Dying

This short article is written by a thoughtful woman who was a palliative care worker. She came across a few common themes for what people regretted when they thought about how they had lived their life. We can learn a lot from history. I feel that more and more of us are learning our history by reading online and by reading books, which is great. However, there is nothing like learning from other people; from our mothers, our fathers, our friends, our elders. (Continued…)