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Dale Carnegie’s top 10 tips for improving your social skills


Dale Carnegie’s top 10 tips for improving your social skills

Henrik Edberg summarizes some of Dale Carnegie’s best ideas and thoughts on communicating with people. Carnegie, of course, is the author of the popular book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. One of my favorite tips in this article is about Carnegie’s thoughts on saying positive things to other people instead of being negative by complaining, criticizing, and condemning. (Continued…)

How to give and receive feedback


How to Give and Receive Feedback

One of the tips in this article talks about making sure you also give people praise for what they have done well. Sounds like some pretty good advice to me. When you have to give someone negative feedback or a suggestion for improvement, make sure to also mention something positive about them or their work as well. (Continued…)

When good people do bad things


When Good People Do Bad Things

This article talks about a study that gives more weight to the idea that people can be more cruel or lose their sense of morals when in groups. And all because a scientist’s husband wore a Red Sox cap at a Yankees game. Well probably not just because of that, but it’s interesting to see how things like that spark people’s mind and make them look into and research about psychology and society. The article talks about how they tracked the brain of people in the study and how your brain can actually change when in a group. (Continued…)

For 40 years, this russian family was cut off from all human contact, unaware of world war II


For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II

So you think your life has been tough? Here is an amazing story of a small family that lived a life completely different from yours most likely. They were discovered in Siberia in 1978, and they had been living alone there for 40 years. The article explains why the family had retreated into the wilderness and why they ended up living there for so long. It also details some of the hardship the family went through in the 40 years they lived undiscovered in the wilderness. (Continued…)

Lifehacker creator Gina Trapani launched ThinkUp


Lifehacker Creator Gina Trapani has Launched ThinkUp

Gina Trapani (Wikipedia) is the original creator and founder of the Lifehacker website. Even though I don’t know her, if I had to say one thing about her it’s that she seemed like she is a person that likes to work smarter. You could just tell from all the articles she wrote that she was always thinking of great ways to organize her life using technology. This service she has helped create is just another example of that. ThinkUp was launched officially in March of this year, and all of the details about the service are described pretty well in the link below.

Today, for the first time, ThinkUp is open to the world. You can just sign up and become a member. We hope you’ll do so!

ThinkUp is a smart new way to get more meaning out of all the time you spend online, offering little insights that help you no matter what your goals are online. And it’s built by a company and community that aim to respect you more than any other tech company.

When you join ThinkUp, you’ll get a simple stream showing you those insights about your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which you can also get in a handy little email.

Study says technology could transform society


Study Says Technology Could Transform Society

So we all know the world is changing. But when we are in the middle of it do we really understand just how much the changes in our culture affect how we live our lives? If you read this short article, you might be able to gain some perspective on what life was like living before 1982, even if you weren’t born yet. The article talked about some issues that might result because of some technological advances, namely privacy. Even more prophetic, the study notes some changes to how we will live because of technology. (Continued…)

So you’re not desirable


So You’re Not Desirable

I like short articles like this that make a clear and quick point based on actual research and studies. According to the studies that the article references, on first impression of someone, we may all rank someone pretty much the same as far as their value as a romantic partner. The article calls this your mate value. But as we get to know people, our opinions about them change, including what we think about them as a potential partner. (Continued…)

The critical rules to understand people


The Critical 7 Rules To Understand People

As we grow up we are constantly learning how to interact and deal with other people in the world. How well we learn how to do this may have more impact on the quality of our lives than many of us realize. But regardless of how good you are currently with your social intelligence, this article will be helpful. Even if you have trouble reading people, this advice will be able to improve your life and your reactions to people by simply understanding some basic ideas about why all people do what they do. One of the rules reminds you that people who get angry at you are often just upset at something going on in their own life. (Continued…)