“Getting Things Done” productivity guru David Allen selling office

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"Getting Things Done" Productivity Guru David Allen Selling Office

The article contains some nice pictures of the beautiful office, a few quotes from an interview with Allen, and some details about what he’s up to now. There is also a great overview of how the office was designed, taking into account some principles of productivity and Zen that David Allen (Wikipedia) believes in. I sure found it interesting to get a little glimpse into the office he worked in.

Translating that concept into an office meant for multiple people had its challenges. Allen and his wife wanted the space to be open, yet their business involves a lot of phone work, which could be distracting. Architect Charles Bernstein came up with a scheme of glass-walled offices with colored doors, providing an open feel that still allows for privacy. People are more productive, Allen says, when they have “multiple horizons” to glance at rather than just an empty cube, and the floor plan provides that.

“If fame and fortune were a little more closely tied together I might not bother selling this,” Allen admits. But given his and Kathryn’s goals, divesting their house to pour more into their company makes sense. A few years back, the Allens were approached by the people who helped Franklin-Covey take their popular paper and electronic organizers global about creating an intellectual property franchising business for GTD.