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Do you want to get some great news and articles on the following subjects? Life Thinkist is here to help you.

  • Productivity and Task Management
  • Life and Self Improvement
  • Goal Setting and Creating Habits
  • Lifehacking and GTD
  • Taking Notes and Keeping Lists
  • Project Planning and Organizing
  • Positivity and Happiness
  • Simplicity and Minimalism

Life Thinkist will focus on quality by finding the best news, articles, links, books, videos, apps, and information that can really help you get things done, improve your life, and be more productive. I will also write my own articles and opinions here too, because I have some ideas and tips myself that I want to write about and share with you. An example of one of those articles would be The 7 Steps to Set and Achieve Goals. Or an example of a tip or trick would be Use Apple iWork on iCloud for Free: Create and Share Documents Online.

Life Thinkist weekly newsletter
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In order to focus on quality, Life Thinkist will usually only post a few links each week. But so you don’t forget about us you can get the free Life Thinkist weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox. Just enter your email address above and you’ll get a special email each week, as well as extra articles, tips, and advice that I don’t share on the blog. I hope we can help you and provide some inspiration for you to improve your life, get more things done, and be happier and more productive. Have a great day.

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