Lifehacker creator Gina Trapani launched ThinkUp

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Lifehacker Creator Gina Trapani has Launched ThinkUp

Gina Trapani (Wikipedia) is the original creator and founder of the Lifehacker website. Even though I don’t know her, if I had to say one thing about her it’s that she seemed like she is a person that likes to work smarter. You could just tell from all the articles she wrote that she was always thinking of great ways to organize her life using technology. This service she has helped create is just another example of that. ThinkUp was launched officially in March of this year, and all of the details about the service are described pretty well in the link below.

Today, for the first time, ThinkUp is open to the world. You can just sign up and become a member. We hope you’ll do so!

ThinkUp is a smart new way to get more meaning out of all the time you spend online, offering little insights that help you no matter what your goals are online. And it’s built by a company and community that aim to respect you more than any other tech company.

When you join ThinkUp, you’ll get a simple stream showing you those insights about your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which you can also get in a handy little email.