Microsoft releasing an app launcher for Android called Arrow

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If you are looking for a better home screen or  way to organize your apps, you might want to check this out. It’s currently in beta, and you can sign up to a Google+ Community. You could download the current apk directly if you wanted instead.

Arrow Launcher includes three pages – and you can’t add or remove those pages. The first page is the People page where you will see your contacts (phone, as well as email accounts) – and that’s pretty much all the things on the People page. The home page of the launcher is the Apps page where there is the Recent section and the Frequent section – the recent section shows the recently installed apps while the Frequent section displays the apps that you use the most. The apps page is followed by the Notes & Reminders page which basically allows you to add reminders and it’s also a very nice feature which most custom Android Launchers don’t include.