OneNote updated with universal app and new iPad features for iOS, page copying for Android

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The iPhone app is now a universal app that you can use on both iPhone and iPad. Some new features for iPad include a today widget, recent notes view, and page previews in landscape mode. Not as big of an update for Android, but you can now move and copy pages from one section or notebook to another.

You might have noticed that our apps had a “for iPad” and “for iPhone” in the title—that’s because they were two separate apps. This month we did a bunch of work behind the scenes to create one universal iOS app that works on both iPad and iPhone. If you are an iPad user today, you will need to get the new OneNote app from the store. When you open your current iPad app, you will see instructions for getting the app. If you are an iPhone user, you don’t need to do anything—we merged the iPad app into the iPhone app so you already have it.