Geek To Live: Organizing my documents

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Geek to Live: Organizing My Documents

One great thing about the Internet is how links and articles written from a long time ago still exist now. This is an earlier article from years ago that I came across when looking for more tips recently on simplifying how I organize my files. What I like about this article and what helped me was how simple this article is and how well Gina Trapani explains her simple system of organizing her files at the time.

This is just one way that won’t work for everyone, but there may be something here to help you get your digital documents under control. In alphabetical order, my six main folders are called: bak, docs, docs-archive, junkdrawer, multimedia and scripts. Here’s a quick rundown of what each does and what it might contain.

Geek to Live: Organizing My Documents (Lifehacker)