Organizing your daily workflow: Tasks vs. projects

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Organizing Your Daily Workflow: Tasks vs. Projects

This article has a couple suggestions of things to think about for people who have read Getting Things Done and who have tried organizing their entire list of tasks by contexts. You might want to consider breaking most or all of your tasks down into projects instead of contexts, and create a list of tasks for each project you have. That is basically what this article is suggesting.

You should reduce your projects into three primary components:

1. Action steps – that are specific, concrete tasks that inch the project forward.
2. Backburner list – ideas/things that are not actionable now but may be someday.
3. References – info related to the project that are important know, e.g. contacts of clients, meeting notes..etc.

Once you have the above, make a folder for a specific project, inside the folder insert all the reference materials, perhaps a business card of a client, meeting notes, or e-mail messages. The action steps and tasks that need to be accomplished by yourself should be written on a ‘Task-Order Form’ and attached to the front of the folder. This way, when you pick up the folder, you can immediately recognize what actions you need to tackle in order to move the project forward. Also,I staple your ‘Backburner List’ to the inside of the back of the folder.

Organizing Your Daily Workflow: Tasks vs. Projects (Productive Muslim)