Advice for people in their early 20s



Great advice from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits for young people who are lost and worried about their future. He talks about getting good at something, connecting with interesting people, and other tips for how to start building your life and your future. (Continued…)

Tim Ferriss interviews Maria Popova, writer of excellent Brain Pickings blog



Another really interesting person interviewed on The Tim Ferris Show podcast. As usual with episodes on The Tim Ferriss Show, it includes insight into making your life better, including “the single attribute that leads to greatness in any field”. Check out Brain Pickings too, if you haven’t heard about it and you like reading about all kinds of interesting things on different subjects. (Continued…)

BitTorrent Sync mobile app gets ability to create, edit, and share files



Previously you could only view files on your mobile devices with BitTorrent Sync Mobile. The update is available for Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone. Give it a try or update if you use it.

If you use Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, you might consider looking into BitTorrent Sync. It’s free and your files are actually stored on your computer instead of the cloud. And you aren’t limited by a storage limit like 5 GB, so it’s great for pictures, music, and videos. (Continued…)