Setting goals: Tim Ferriss and Leo Babauta debate whether or not you should set goals

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Setting Goals: Tim Ferriss and Leo Babauta Debate Whether or Not You Should Set Goals

This casual talk between Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week is excellent. Both of these guys have reached some major goals in life, and they have worked to share with everyone how they reached those goals. They have written so much about things like setting goals, creating habits, productivity, and learning new things. So they know how to set goals and achieve them.

But as Leo has continued to write and grow, I found he started to write more about not setting goals. Part of that involved creating habits. But part of it is just about enjoying what you are doing instead of focusing on some future goal all the time. In this video he talks a bit about that. And they both discuss the positive and negative aspects of setting goals to improve your life. Enjoy it. I sure did.

I definitely was trained as a kid to set goals and achieve those goals, and that it is necessary for success. So I’ve been kind of taking a step back and questioning that premise…This idea of having your mind-set looking towards the future, where you’re trying to reach. And missing out on the steps you are taking right now; missing out on the journey…The other thing that I find is that, people a lot of times set goals, and don’t achieve them. They fail at the goals, and then feel like a failure. Even if they could have had an amazing time, just doing whatever they were doing.