Shuffle My Life Android app released

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I found out about this app on Reddit. It has gotten pretty popular already, which means a lot of people like it. It basically suggests random things for you to do, and uses a point rewards system to motivate you to do more of the tasks.

Hey, I’ve been busy working on my pride and joy/side-project for the last 4 months and I think it’ll really help you guys. It’s called Shuffle My Life, and here’s the idea:

Sometimes, weekends just go by in a blur of watching TV and playing video games, and you get to the end and you’re thinking ‘where did the last 2 days go?’ – this is my solution to that problem. The app will generate random activities for you to do based on where you are, weather conditions, etc. You earn points for completing each task, and the challenge is to complete as many as you can in a row without skipping, and get a week or month-streak going. It can become a competition between you and friends to get the highest score. You’ll find your weekend unfold in a kind of ‘Wario Ware’ fashion, darting from different activities to the next but experiencing a whole lot of cool new things if you stick with it! The philosophy is ‘the more you do, the better you get at handling any kind of situation’. Hope you like it!

Some features:
– 430+ tasks, more on the way
– Tasks appear depending on location, weather and the time of day
– Filter by your time and budget, plus categories
– Hide tasks you don’t want to see again
– Google Play Games integration