Some practical thoughts on suicide

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Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

Writing about something personal like this takes a lot of courage. And having the courage to be honest and open can often help other people dealing with similar issues.

Tim has clearly written this article not just to tell his story, but to be a place for people dealing with depression, anxiety, or any other problems in life. In the article, he talks very candidly about problems he has faced in his own life, and offers advice for people in tough situations. I think Tim’s courage in writing this post will help many people.

In this post, I’m going to talk about suicide, and why I’m still on this planet. These are stories I’ve kept secret from my family, girlfriends, and closest friends for years. Recently, however, I had an experience that shook me — woke me up — and I decided that it was time to share it all.

Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide (4-Hour Workweek)