Study says technology could transform society

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Study Says Technology Could Transform Society

So we all know the world is changing. But when we are in the middle of it do we really understand just how much the changes in our culture affect how we live our lives? If you read this short article, you might be able to gain some perspective on what life was like living before 1982, even if you weren’t born yet. The article talked about some issues that might result because of some technological advances, namely privacy. Even more prophetic, the study notes some changes to how we will live because of technology.

Privacy Issues Seen Posed

The report warned that the new technology would raise difficult issues of privacy and control that will have to be addressed soon to ”maximize its benefits and minimize its threats to society.”

– Home-based shopping will permit consumers to control manufacturing directly, ordering exactly what they need for ”production on demand.”

– There will be a shift away from conventional workplace and school socialization. Friends, peer groups and alliances will be determined electronically, creating classes of people based on interests and skills rather than age and social class.

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