Tim Ferriss celebrates 100th podcast episode by calling fans

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Tim Ferriss celebrates 100th podcast episode by calling fans

Fans talk with Tim and ask him all kinds of questions on the 100th episode of The Tim Ferris Show. He talks with fans about marketing yourself in interviews, digging yourself out of downward spirals, and how he organizes his various income streams. Plus some other crazy and risque questions asked by fans.

This celebratory episode involves me drunk dialing a bunch of you on Skype. We’ll get to that. But first, a little background and thank you…

My podcast–The Tim Ferriss Show–was started on a whim. It was intended as a break between big book projects. “I’ll do six episodes to get better at interviewing” was the grand goal.

In the first episode and after two bottles of wine, Kevin Rose nicknamed the show TimTimTalkTalk (damn you, KevKev). Later, after reviewing my ridiculously slurred and iffy questions (“If you were a breakfast cereal, which would you be?”), I let out a long sigh. I’ve always hated the sound of my own voice, but this was the worst. The podcast experiment wouldn’t last a month.

Or so I thought.

Now, here we are, passing the 100-episode mark. It’s crazy, and I can say one thing for certain — I’ve only made it this far because of YOU.

We cover a lot of subjects, including:

  • Tantric sex
  • How I view and organize my various income streams
  • Marketing yourself in job interviews
  • My views (and challenges) with family and kids
  • How I dig out of negative downward spirals
  • And much more…