Todoist update brings redesigned web, plug-in, desktop apps, and gets new logo too

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Todoist update brings redesigned web, plug-in, desktop apps, and gets new logo too

They are calling it the new Todoist, so it’s a pretty big update with a new design and new features. From the comments so far on the blog post, users seem to like the new design, but they don’t like the new circle check boxes instead of squares. Along with the new design, comes a new brand for the company, starting with a new logo for the apps. Here’s an overview of what’s new, and links to the apps on different platforms.

A new Todoist

The most identifiable part of any brand is its logo. With that in mind, we embarked on creating a new “face” of Todoist that would show the world what our product, team, and users are truly all about. At the same time, we wanted to find a strong symbol that would unify the Todoist identity across all our platforms and be easily recognizable from any home screen.

We went through countless iterations, but, in the end, we always came back to the classic checkmark.

Completely new web, plug-in, and desktop apps.

Nowhere is our new look and feel more prominent than in Todoist’s web, plug-in, and desktop apps. When you log in at, from Gmail, or from your desktop, you’ll find a brighter, cleaner design with more spacious list rows, 10 customizable color themes for the top navigation bar, new icons, and a focus on responsive design as you change the window size.

In addition to a complete re-design, this update adds powerful capabilities. With the new Todoist for Web, Mac, Windows, Gmail, and more you’ll be able to:

– Add tasks faster than ever with the intelligent Quick Add.
– Add advanced recurring due dates to your tasks.
– Attach comments as you create a new task with Quick Comment.
– Locate the information you need right away with Quick Find.
– Manage your tasks on mobile.