Three useful tricks for organizing your messy Windows taskbar

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Three Useful Tricks for Organizing Your Messy Windows Taskbar

Whitson Gordon wrote about a few of the best taskbar tricks I’ve come across. Each one is very simple, but could change how organized and productive you feel on your Windows computer. I recommend the separators trick as it has really helped me keep apps categorized on the taskbar. I came across it when I first read this article a couple of years ago, and I still use it.

  • 1) Add Separators to the Taskbar for Easier Scanning
  • 2) Use Bins to Create Stacks of Applications
  • 3) Add Folders and Documents to the Taskbar

Add Separators to the Taskbar for Easier Scanning

If you’ve ever wanted to group your apps into separate spaces on your taskbar, you actually can—with a little help from this workaround we’ve talked about before. All you need to do is create a shortcut to a fake EXE file, give it a transparent icon, and add it to your taskbar. You can separate your office apps from your games, or even your slow-loading apps from your fast-loading apps—that way, if you accidentally click on the wrong button, you don’t have to wait 60 seconds for the wrong app to load before you close it.

One reader, however, made this tip even better. If you put that transparent icon into an image editor—like the GIMP—you can add text to each separator to give them different categories.