When good people do bad things

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When Good People Do Bad Things

This article talks about a study that gives more weight to the idea that people can be more cruel or lose their sense of morals when in groups. And all because a scientist’s husband wore a Red Sox cap at a Yankees game. Well probably not just because of that, but it’s interesting to see how things like that spark people’s mind and make them look into and research about psychology and society. The article talks about how they tracked the brain of people in the study and how your brain can actually change when in a group.

When people get together in groups, unusual things can happen — both good and bad. Groups create important social institutions that an individual could not achieve alone, but there can be a darker side to such alliances: Belonging to a group makes people more likely to harm others outside the group.

In a study that recently went online in the journal NeuroImage, the researchers measured brain activity in a part of the brain involved in thinking about oneself. They found that in some people, this activity was reduced when the subjects participated in a competition as part of a group, compared with when they competed as individuals. Those people were more likely to harm their competitors than people who did not exhibit this decreased brain activity.

When good people do bad things (MIT News Office)